Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Random thoughts and things

Hello, neglected blog. 

I'm cramming details of the eurozone clusterfuck into my long-underused brain for what is shaping up to be the hardest test I've ever taken for a job. I'm failing the maths bits for sure, so it's up to the rest of the 4 hour-long test to pull the grades up. 

Yes. 4 hours. Then interview number 3.

And this is only the beginning. 

Exciting times.

On the upside, I fully expect to be able to sleep easier after this week. And stop dreaming of getting fired for putting out wrong flashes. Oh, and be able to do some exercise, finally. 


Why don't people talk to other people more in this place. I realise when I'm alone I tend to talk more to random people around me. Like the cashier at the bread shop. Or the person at the next table. Just little one liners or comments about something in our vicinity. Just yesterday I spent a very nice time chatting to this lady in line with me at the bread shop about their products. I guess I looked like I couldn't make up my mind (everything looked yummy) and ultimately went with a scrambled egg and cheese bun on her recommendation. 

It was delishus. It made my day, and I'm talking about both the breakfast and the little chat. 

People should talk to other people more.

Okay. Back to studying. Hey Greece, get yer act together, eh? 

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